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ERP Services

Since August 2003, the ERP business of CEC(Shanghai) in China has been started. We mainly provide IT services to Japanese enterprises in China, or those planning to establish in China, as well as enterprises from Europe and the United States. We are capable to offer you professional services in Japan, Europe, United States, South America, China and many other Asian countries and regions.

CRM Services

Since 1993 when the "Shun Feng Man Fan" was first launched by CEC, we have provided SFA/CRM systems for over 500 customers. Relying on our rich accumulated experience, our solutions can not only make the most use of the standard functions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but also meet the business demands of our customers.

Data Transfer, Conversion, & Integration Solutions

We started to provide the "Data Transfer, Conversion, & Integration Solutions「HULFT」" since March 2018.